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It’s not uncommon for children to be skittish when it comes to visiting the dentist. The sound of dental tools and the fear of the unknown can cause a lot of anxiety in children and adults, but at Tulsa Dental Center our goal is to make your child comfortable and happy while they visit our office. 

We have a child-oriented practice that focuses on the young patient’s comfort. Our staff understands the anxiety associated with dentistry, and it only takes a little bit of positivity and care to ensure your child enjoys their time with us.

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Dental Health For Kids

Getting a dental check-up or cleaning shouldn’t be the least bit scary. Tulsa Dental Center has a genuine desire to care for kids and adolescents, and our main goal is to keep their teeth healthy and cavity-free. Our entire staff has been specially trained to work with children, focusing on a nurturing touch and positive attitude.

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Childrens Dentistry in Tulsa Information for Parents

Partnering with Parents

At Tulsa Dental Center, we don’t want to leave any questions unanswered. Before any procedure or cleaning, our staff partners with parents and caregivers to ensure they know and understand every single step of their child’s dental health journey. We work with parents to develop brushing methods and flossing techniques for their children so they can assist in their care now and in the future.

From the very first visit, your child will understand what is expected of them, and their parents will be an active participant in what we do. Preventative dental health care can help to reduce future cavities or gum disease, and parents can be their child’s biggest advocate for healthy teeth by encouraging regular brushing and flossing.

A Clean, Inviting Environment

At Tulsa Dental Center, we believe that a dentist office should provide a clean and welcoming atmosphere, especially for children. Getting excited about your next dental procedure can be tough, but we take extra care of our patients to provide an atmosphere that alleviates stress while fostering a positive environment.

Tulsa Dental Center was created to provide high-quality, affordable dental care for patients and their families in the Tulsa area. Even with insurance, the cost of dental work can vary, and we offer multiple financial arrangements that will fit your budget. We want to fix any dental problems you might have while finding reasonable payment options that won’t break the bank.


Our Services

  • General Check-ups
  • Dental Implants
  • Restorations
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Sedation Dentistry
Best Childrens Dentist Tulsa

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Tulsa Dental Center is a leading pediatric dental practice Northeast Oklahoma, and excellent oral health care is important to a child’s development. Our office environment is warm and inviting, and we want all of our patients to feel excited about their own dental care.  

At Tulsa Dental Center, we create healthy, beautiful smiles in an atmosphere of extreme comfort. Give us a call at (918) 446-6100 or email

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