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If you are considering dentures or partials, the experienced team at Tulsa Dental Center can help you through this decision-making process. Using innovative dental technology and premium dental products, we offer a wide range of solutions, for all of your dental needs.


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Dentures are custom-made and custom-fit removable false teeth. Dentures may be made of metal, nylon, or acrylic materials. By fitting comfortably over a patient’s gums, dentures replace missing teeth and are capable of reducing potential dental issues caused by gaps.

At Tulsa Dental we offer both complete dentures as well as partial dentures.

A full set of dentures can replace all of your lower or upper teeth, while partials are ideal for replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dentures can reduce and prevent issues with both speech as well as eating and can improve a patient’s smile and confidence.

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Types of Dentures

There are several options when it comes to choosing dentures. This section looks at three of the most popular choices. 

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Conventional dentures are a complete set of dentures, only placed once all of the teeth have been removed. Conventional dentures offer many benefits, especially to patients who have already lost all or most of their existing teeth, as something as simple as chewing food has probably become problematic for such patients. The absence of teeth can lead to people avoiding foods they typically enjoy.

Conventional dentures tackle this issue and help you regain the function you may have lost when you lost your teeth. Additionally, conventional dentures can improve your oral health and your digestion, as they help you chew your food more effectively!

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An immediate denture can be either a complete or partial denture inserted the same day natural teeth have been removed.

One major advantage of immediate dentures includes the comfort many patients find in knowing they will not need to go in public with visibly missing teeth.

When some natural teeth remain, duplicating the color, shape, and arrangement of teeth is easier. When immediate dentures are placed right after a dental extraction, this can reduce bleeding and protect mouth tissues.

Immediate dentures can also help establish speech patterns more effectively and seamlessly as well as minimize facial distortions that naturally occur when teeth are removed.

While they offer a range of benefits, immediate dentures are not suitable for all patients.

In some cases, due to general health conditions or specialized oral problems, immediate dentures might not be a suitable course of treatment to pursue.

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Overdentures are removable dentures suitable for patients with a few or no teeth remaining. Designed to be placed over the root of the tooth, this type of denture is secured on top of a dental implant. The dental roots offer support and ensure a comfortable fitting. Overdentures are a highly affordable option that provides a sturdy solution and can help you chew foods more effectively as well as retain your facial structure.

Overdentures are different from regular dentures in that regular dentures are removable, and secured via suction between the denture and your bone ridges. Overdentures are secured on top of dental implants, offering a more stable and secure option for replacing teeth.

The loss of teeth undoubtedly affects the aesthetics of your smile, along with the functionality of your teeth. Eating with missing teeth can increase stress upon your remaining teeth. While there are multiple options when it comes to replacing missing teeth, having an implant typically yields the most secure, stable solution.

With many choices when it comes to selecting dentures, it’s important to know not every option is available to every patient.

If you are considering your options, it’s always advisable to discuss this with your dentist. The team at Tulsa Dental Center can offer you tailored guidance and present you with a range of prices, timeframes, and options available for your specific needs.

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