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At Tulsa Dental Center, our experienced team is here to help with any of your dental prosthesis needs. With a comprehensive assessment, we can help determine the best solution for your missing or damaged teeth, at an affordable price.

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What are fixed dental prostheses?

Fixed dental prostheses are designed to replace damaged or missing teeth and are installed on a permanent basis. They cannot be removed by the patient, and are bonded to either artificial rooths or natural teeth. 

Different types of prosthesis

Our clinic provides multiple types of fixed denture options, comfortably. These options include bridges, crowns, implants, and hybrid prostheses.

Fixed dentures offer several benefits compared to removable options, including greater grip and comfort, as well as the convenience of not having to remove them for cleaning. Fixed prostheses also have a greater level of firmness compared to removables.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is made up of a line of dental crowns and can be placed onto existing teeth or implants.

Sometimes, a dental bridge requires the shaping or carving of healthy teeth in order for it to be adjusted to best fit.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant is made up of two core pieces- one part that replaces the root and another the visual part you see daily. Implants are available in a range of types and materials, and your individual situation will determine which is best for you.

A dental implant is a multiple-stage process, and having and maintaining good oral hygiene is critical. Implants look very similar to natural teeth and are a long term solution if you are looking to replace lost or damaged teeth.

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Hybrid Prostheses

A hybrid prosthesis is used to replace all of the lower or upper dentures in a person’s mouth. Placed on top of implants, a hybrid prosthesis replaces the teeth and maintains a good grip.

Additionally, hybrid prostheses provide a natural appearance and reduce pressure felt when chewing food. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

The Difference Between Fixed and Removable Prosthesis

Choosing the right prosthesis depends on which solutions suit your particular needs best. Your dentist can offer guidance as to what is most beneficial for your damaged or missing teeth.

Fixed Prosthesis

A fixed prosthesis is a permanent solution used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth at the same time. Fixed prostheses include onlays, inlays, bridges, veneers, and crowns. No matter the choice you make, a fixed prosthesis replaces or restores your teeth by using an artificial but permanent substitute that can not be removed from your mouth.

Fixed prostheses are securely retained in your dental roots, natural teeth, or cemented into place via the pillars of your dental implants.


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Removable Prosthesis

Often used in the case of missing teeth, a removable prosthesis can include full or partial dentures.

A prosthesis is always custom-made using models or molds. Once the prosthesis is fitted, clinical adaptations are required and carried out by an experienced dentist at Tulsa Dental Center.

Prosthodontics is a term used to define the specialist area in dentistry relating to diagnostics, treatment, rehab, and maintenance of the mouth. This can account for the look, feel, function, and overall health of your teeth. If restoring your own natural teeth or replacing lost teeth is of interest to you, discussing your options with our prosthodontist will be helpful.

If you are considering fixed or removable prostheses, please talk to your dentist about your options on your next visit or call our team to book a consultation. 

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