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We Make It Easy

Going to the dentist can be an overwhelming experience, especially for a first-time visit. If, like so many others, you suffer with dental anxiety, this can compound things even more.

Let us put your concerns and anxieties to rest. Our ultimate goal is to make your time with us as comfortable and relaxing as we can.

The team at Tulsa Dental Center truly believe that every dentist visit should be as comfortable as possible. So, regardless of it being your first time or your fiftieth visit to our Tulsa Dental office, we’ll treat you with the same focused attention as we do on your first dentist office visit. 

Tulsa Dental Center was founded on the belief of dentistry through building relationships. That’s why we take time with each client, no matter how young or old, to ensure that we are partnering with you to help you create a beautiful, confident smile.

We Want to Brighten the World, One Smile at a Time!

Our Goal Is To Provide Every Patient With A World-Class Dental Experience


A Clean, Inviting Environment

We believe, that a Tulsa dentist office should provide a clean and welcoming atmosphere. We know that it’s not always easy to bring yourself in for a dental exam or procedure, and we take extra care to create an environment that minimizes the stress associated with dental visits.


A Warm & Friendly Greeting

The Tulsa Dental Center team makes it a point to provide each patient with a warm greeting with each interaction we are able to have with you. We believe in empathy and kindness, and even if your day has not been going well;  you can always depend on a warm friendly welcome.


Respectful Treatment

From our doctor to every staff member, the entire team at Tulsa Dental Center believes that respect is the foundation for building trust between a dentist and their patients. Our team will make sure that you are treated respectfully and answer any questions for you promptly and honestly.


Quality, Affordable Dental Care

Tulsa Dental Center was created for just this reason: to provide high-quality, affordable dental care for patients and their families right here in Tulsa. We know that the cost of dental work can vary widely, especially when insurance policies change so quickly. That’s why we offer multiple financial arrangements. Our team will work with you to find the best solution and the best way to pay for it.


Sincere Appreciation For Choosing Us

We know that you have a choice when it comes to Tulsa Dentist offices, and we really do appreciate that you chose us to help you look after your oral health. We are continuously grateful for each and every patient that we work with. We consider it a privilege to be able to serve our community right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma with our Dental services. Thank you for choosing Tulsa Dental Center! 

Our Services

General Check-ups

 Dental Implants


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Sedation Dentistry

What To Expect

Our Doctor and Staff will always treat you with complete compassion and the utmost of respect.  The dentist will perform a complete oral examination and discuss any treatment you may need.  This initial examination can identify conditions such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even oral cancer.

Teeth cleaning may be performed during your first visit, or it may be scheduled for a follow-up visit, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums.

Your first appointment will take between 1–1½ hours. Patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

What to Bring

To make your visit as pleasant and productive as possible, there are a few things you should bring with you.

If you’ve had dental x-rays in the last six months, please bring them to your first appointment. If you don’t have them, new x-rays will be taken. With just a few simple forms, we’ll ask for relevant medical history, any medications you might be taking, your dental history, and any dental insurance coverage you may have.

We now offer a secure forms services that gives you the option to complete any paperwork online before you attend. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by patients of Tulsa Dental Center. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly. A member of our team is always happy to help in any way.

Do I need to arrive early for my first dental appointment?

If at all possible please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early with any requested forms.

What do I need to bring to my first dental appointment?

Please bring the following forms to your first appointment:

  • New Patient Form
  • Privacy Practices Consent Form
  • Dental Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Identification (Driver’s License, Military ID or State issued ID)

How long will my first dental appointment last?

Appointment lengths can vary, but please plan on a 1 to 1.5 hour time for your first visit.

Why do I need to go to the Dentist regularly?

Most people will end up waiting until they are in a crisis before visiting the dentist office. However the majority of the time, the crisis that they come in for could have been avoided with consistent preventative treatment. While many people think that they are saving money by avoiding regular visits to the dentist, they actually end up paying much more money for a dental crisis that could have been avoided. 

How can I get my kids to brush their teeth?

We recommend trying to make it fun!

If you set an example of being enthusiastic about brushing your own teeth, you’ll be surprised how your children will also become enthused as they often mirror the behaviors of those closest to them.  If you’re still having a tough time in this area, please feel free to contact us for additional suggestions. 

Why are dental X-rays necessary?

Many diseases of the teeth can simply not be seen with a physical examination of your mouth. 

A dental X-Ray provides us with a great deal of information such as:

  • Areas of decay between the teeth or near fillings that are not visible by the naked eye
  • Bone infections
  • Gum disease (Periodontal disease)
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Tumors

We're Ready To See You!

Get the help and high quality service you need.  Our team is standing by and ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

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© Copyright 2018 Tulsa Dental Center
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