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Tulsa Dentist Dr. Roulston Your teeth are important to you. When you experience tooth loss, not only does it make it hard to eat, but you could have a problem articulating certain words. You may also lose other teeth around the one you lost because each of your teeth provides support for your entire mouth.

Over time, lost teeth lead to bone loss. Your jaw or the section between your mouth and nose might appear sunk in, giving you an older appearance. Take care of your teeth, and they’ll last a lifetime. We’ll cover affordable dental options in Tulsa in this article.

Of course, not everyone has dental insurance. And those who do, still may have a large co-pay because most dental insurance only covers a portion, 50 percent or so, of your dental cost. Finding an affordable dentist in West Tulsa can be difficult, but you do have options.

In this article we’ll look at the following factors for Dental Care:

Tulsa Hallowzooeen Look For a Woman Dentist in West Tulsa?

Dr. Roulston is a caring Dentist and the previous coordinator of the Good Shepherd Mission Clinics in OKC.

Looking For Other Dental Options in Tulsa?

The ODA understands that not everyone can pay for dental care or even make payments over time. Whether you’re uninsured or underinsured, you can find multiple options for dental care that are free or very low-cost. You can download a guide for dental resources at the ODA website and find more resources about dental health, special needs and information about taking care of your oral health.

The OU College of Dentistry offers low-cost cleanings, fillings and crowns, but there is a fee. However, treatment is generally about one-third of the cost that a private practice would charge. Appointments are available at the Oklahoma City location.

Oklahoma Mission of Mercy offers clinics around the state at regular intervals. Although the mission is to treat the most pressing dental needs of patients, cleanings and restorations are offered. The Mission of Mercy also treats pediatric patients.

MobileSmiles is an RV-style mobile dental unit that offers free dental care and education. You cannot set appointments with them. Where they go depends on local partners who agree to host the unit in their community.

Don’t Neglect Your Teeth – Affordable Dental Options in Tulsa

Sadly, it’s often not always just affordability that keeps people away from the dentist. Today’s modern dental treatment options take the fear out of the dentist’s office. Affordable, comfortable and compassionate care are the norm in our West Tulsa office. Don’t let fear keep you from taking care of your teeth. Make an appointment with Dr. Roulston, an affordable dentist in Tulsa, OK. Whether you need emergency or routine care, we want to help you have a healthy smile for the rest of your life. Let us give you options that will make you smile.

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