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It’s perfectly normal to want to understand exactly how a dental crown treatment works, and in this post, we will talk you through what’s involved in the dental crown procedure, to help you feel at ease when you book an appointment for a dental crown with our practice.


How Many Appointments Are Needed for a Dental Crown?

Getting a permanent dental crown will typically involve at least two appointments with your Tulsa Dentist. In some instances, there may be a need for a third visit. However, this would typically only be if there is an issue at the fitting appointment with the new dental crown that was custom-made for you. At our Tulsa Dental Practice, we typically perform all dental crown treatments within two appointments.

What To Expect on Your First Dental Crown Appointment?

While it is possible for a dental crown to fall out or even just become loose, if you correctly maintain it, they can last for a lifetime. The best way to make a crown last is to ensure that you have a proper and correct oral health regime. Brushing, flossing, and using teepees at least twice a day is always the ideal way to ensure you are doing everything you can to ensure the longevity of a dental crown, and of course, to take care of your other teeth and gums.

What Are the Best types of dental crowns?

On the first visit to the practice, you can expect to have x-rays taken of the underpinning root structure, along with the tooth. This is an essential first step in the dental crown process as it ensures a completely accurate assessment can be taken in order to validate that the strength of the tooth that will remain is adequate for dental crown placement. If you have a tooth that is particularly damaged or decayed, then your Dentist could advise getting a root canal treatment before your crown is placed.
Even if you are only getting a dental crown for the cosmetic benefits, your Dentist will still need to take the same series of x-rays in order to verify and document the procedure.

At this same first appointment, your Tulsa Dentist will discuss the different types of materials for a dental crown, along with giving you a full breakdown of dental crown costs. Together, you will be able to establish which is the best type of dental crown to use for your individual circumstances and needs. Another key factor for consideration will be the location of the potential crown. For instance, if you are looking to find out the best type of crown for front teeth, you could be presented with different options than if you want to find out which is the right type of crown for the back teeth.
The placement will also dictate the visibility of the crown, along with knowing which type of dental crown is most durable; all of these are factors which will be discussed with your Dentist at your first Tulsa dental crown appointment.

When you are ready for your dental crown procedure to take place, you can expect to receive a local anesthetic prior to any work being carried out. However, it is not always required, for instance, if you have had a root canal treatment already carried out.

What To Expect When You Get A Dental Crown Fitted

In the first instance, the tooth will be fully prepared by getting rid of any decay or damage. The tooth may then need to be filed on the outermost surface to ensure the crown can be placed securely. If there is only a smaller segment of the original tooth, a specialist filling material could be utilized in order to rebuild the base of the tooth. This is important as it helps to hold the crown in place.

Once the preparation has been completed, your dentist will take some impressions of your teeth, using a specialist type of mold or putty. In some instances, digital scans will also be taken. The impressions do not just solely focus on the tooth in question; they will also need to account for the surrounding teeth along with the gums, as well as those which lie on the opposite bite surface. This again is an integral step in the dental crown treatment process as it ensures your new crown will enable you to bite normally.
These impressions and/digital scans are then sent off to a specialist dental laboratory, who will then prepare and create the dental crown to be completely customized to fit in your mouth.

This process of the dental crown fabrication can take a few weeks, and this is why you are unable to have a same-day dental crown treatment.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Dental Crown Treatments?

In between your first and secondary dental crown appointments, your Dentist might
recommend that you get a temporary crown fitting in order to safeguard the underlying tooth.

A temporary dental crown could be made using either a resin or acrylic-based material, and it is typically fixed to the tooth using a type of dental cement. It is perfectly normal to expect to feel a little sensitivity between your appointments. However, your Dentist will be able to advise exactly what to expect from your dental crown treatment and suggest options to help you manage any sensitivity that may occur.

Dental Crown Appointment – Placement and Fitting

Once your customized dental crown and bridge has been fully prepared and fabricated, it will then be sent straight to your Dentist in Tulsa. This is when you can expect the appointment for a dental crown placement to be arranged.
If a temporary crown was used, this would be the first thing to be removed on the day.

They will need to confirm that your new crown fits properly, and also that you are happy with how it fits and how it looks.
When you come back to get your dental crown fitted, your Dentist could also use a mild
anesthetic for the procedure. The surface of your natural tooth will need to be prepared again, and a specialist dental cement will be used to help achieve a comfortable and secure fitting.

What Is The Best Dental Crown?

Picking the best type of dental crown is a decision that should be made with your Dentist; they will be best placed to advise you on different options for dental crown treatments, and specifically, which type of dental crown is best for your individual needs. Here, we explain the different types of dental crown materials in detail to help you understand what your options are.

Metal Crowns

Typically, these cost the least, and they are considered to be the most durable. They are ideal for placement in the back of the mouth due to their color and strength.

Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

There are many different types of ceramic and porcelain crowns available to choose from.
They are the most visually appealing crowns due to their close to natural appearance. For this reason, they are usually placed in the frontal regions of the mouth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

This combined the strength of metal with the beauty of a porcelain crown. They offer a perfect balance between strength, stability, and visual appeal. Because of this, they can be placed in either the front or back of the mouth.

Dental Crown Costs

The cost of a dental crown will depend on the material you select. When you make your first appointment for a dental crown placement, your Tulsa Dentist will talk you through the various options that are available. Because a dental crown can last for a lifetime, with the proper care and maintenance, it is important to make your decision based on the long-term benefits of the specific dental crown material. With modern dentistry, comes many options to choose from, and most Tulsa Dentists will offer a payment plan to help you meet with the costs for a dental crown treatment.

If you would like to book a dental crown appointment or have any questions which have not been addressed in this post; our friendly team is ready and waiting to speak with you and help provide you with any further details that you may need.

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